Month: August 2013

Happy Birthday Debian! You have helped keep my love of hacking alive for 20 years. I still feel like a teenager!

I started running Debian around 1995 after starting on Yggdrasil in 93 and playing around with Slackware for a while. Once I found Debian, I didn’t switch again. I’m typing this on my Debian desktop at home and will go get on my Debian workstation at the office in a bit. All our servers, both in the office and at the Via West colo, run Debian. I wish my phone did too. 🙂

Creation Museum founder Ken Ham

This Ken Ham video is so interesting. In his mind, the evolution vs the Bible argument comes down to a question of authority rather than an argument of facts. Watch the “view promo” link on this page:

I get that his job is to promote the Biblical perspective as he sees it but its still a little shocking to hear it stated the way he does. Its not about whether its right or wrong but about *who* says its right or wrong. I hold the exact opposite view that he does because I think young people are walking away from the church because its authority figures are setting up religious belief against scientific facts. That’s a terrible idea, because science puts computers in your hand and men on the moon. Anyone who spends any time looking into the problem is going to figure out that science works.