Month: June 2014

APS Sunset Review

My friend Russell Fish and I are heading down to Austin for the APS Sunset Review. The Sunset Review is a process where the state legislature reviews services and programs provided by the government and determines if they are obsolete, duplicated or unnecessary. We are going to present the troubling cases we have found where APS has seized personal assets and moved people into institutions against their will. We don’t see this particular service as something that benefits the people of the state of Texas. Hopefully we can bring these activities under closer review and even eliminate them for the many elderly people who can manage their own affairs.

Singing tiny robotic Einstein head

Tiny Robot Einstein Head

Work on the ROS/Blender robotics control pipeline has culminated in the integration of the system with the tiny robotic Einstein head that had been living at Polytechnic University under the watchful eye of the OpenCog group. Back at Hanson Robotics, tiny Einstein was mercilessly ripped apart and his head attached to an absurdly long robot snake neck apparatus that mimics the configuration of the upcoming “Dmitroid” robot system. Once suitably mutated, tiny Einstein was able to make a few statements and even sing a couple of tunes.