Abortion, the new gateway drug.

Its pretty mind blowing that the National Review is trying to assert a causal effect between getting an abortion and doing drugs but that is what they do in their latest article about Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

They even go on to assert that abortion will make you beat any children you have later and become mentally ill. I don’t suppose it occurs to them that the life situations that lead you to an abortion might also include drug use or mental illness. The article is pretty vague about whether there is a correlation between abortion and the onset of these conditions. I personally wouldn’t be surprised to find that mentally ill, child abusing drug addicts are statistically more likely to get an abortion but, then again, I might be profiling people.

Frankly, I cannot believe that they have lowered themselves to these kinds of tactics. They aren’t just slinging mud and Wendy Davis but at women in general and the intelligence of their readers.