Animal Justice FAIL

U.S. District Judge Sim Lake should not be re-elected* should be impeached! If you haven’t heard the bad news, Houston citizens Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Justice have been making ends meet by producing videos of themselves torturing and killing kittens, puppies and other small animals.

Certainly these warped mental throwbacks should be allowed to draw cartoons, tell stories and painstakingly describe animal cruelty in whatever manner their sick and stomach turning imaginations can contrive. The guarantee of Free speech, however, does not somehow magically  make acts of animal cruelty legal.

I understand that there are legal implications for slaughterhouses, wild game hunters, research labs and all kinds of other questionable consumers of animals. I eat meat, so my hands aren’t clean. These kinds of businesses require you to obtain licenses. I would pray that any slaughterhouse that puts up videos of themselves maximizing the pain of their livestock as entertainment would not retain their license for long.

* District Federal judges are appointed. Thanks Avi.