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The power of the cloud!

I’m struggling with a few of my customer’s sites that have services on Amazon again today. This is the second time I’ve had major trouble with them, the first being the multi-day outage last year. Luckily I don’t really recommend Amazon (mostly because of I/O performance) so my phone isn’t ringing off the wall. Apparently,¬†the main value proposition of the cloud is that you have a better excuse for your system being offline. You don’t get real fault tolerance¬†without a lot of thinking and provisioning. You looked like an idiot before the cloud but now you can send customers to a mainstream news story about other prominent web sites taking a poop and be forgiven.

Google App Scripting

I’ve been blissfully unaware of the scripting component built into Google Apps. Whoa! Shockingly easy! This kind of thing has always been around in Microsoft products and pretty easy to use but the “cloudiness” of Google Docs makes it feel like a whole different creature. The scripting is so simple that even a total n00b could get things done. Behold:

(oh, you need to be logged into Google to read that link.)

The Open Source community really needs to get on this kind of thing. We should be leading this kind of ecosystem but, so far, it seems to be largely the domain of corporations projecting the power of their proprietary platforms.